Monday, November 26, 2007

Someone made Flickr for your MP3s!

So a few weeks ago I publicly yearned for a personal online MP3 locker -- basically Flickr for your music files. I even reserved

Well, last night Arvin Dang posted in the comments a pointer to that looks almost exactly like what I wanted -- basically the look and feel of iTunes on the Web.

There seems to be one big thing missing, however: a bulk upload tool. When I tried to upload from my new account, it gave me a file prompt that would only let me select individual files. On the other hand, the stated minimum requirements in the Help section is Mac OS X 10.4, and right now at work I only have 10.3.9. I'll try again at home and see if things are any better under 10.4 (Though most of my files are on Win2k and that's not officially supported ... d'oh.)


Anonymous said...

You may want to look at as well

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