Saturday, February 16, 2008

Blogger sucks with ecto, so I'm leaving Blogger

I'm going to have to move this site off Blogger, I use ecto, which rocks, and Blogger (run by Google) doesn't allow uploading of images from ecto or anything else using its third-party API.

Jesus Google, easy images is the single biggest reason to use a third-party app in the first place. Why did you bother even building the API??

Anyway, not a big deal. Blogging is just the single most important medium for human communication in the future. Not anything Google needs to be competitive at. Or, like, build a platform for.

(I am about 2X faster, at least, in ecto than through a Web interface, including Blogger's.)


louisgray said...

I still use Blogger's Web interface, but I certainly don't start writing there. (No interest in browser crashing, blah blah blah)

It may sound esoteric, but I actually write my posts in Apple Mail, and copy/paste them into Blogger. It's just about as dumb as writing e-mail in Microsoft Word.

Anonymous said...

hopefully where?

xylojaimyla said...

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