Saturday, July 05, 2008

Amazon's feedback loop sucks

Speaking of the ways in which Amazon sucks, I have probably spent upwards of $2,000 on that site so far this year. I wanted to send them feedback (a few months ago) about the ridiculous amount of packaging they use, which not only fells trees but takes up wayyy too much space on trucks and planes thus contributing to global warming.

Same thing tonight, I wanted to bitch about the product "In Stock" lie.

They really don't want to hear feedback from customers. Nothing you can find on the site, no form, no email address, nothing.


Christian said...

Well, being green I am sure you would like to send it with the least packaging possible. However, the vast majority of the world wants it there in 1 piece and so "sufficient" packaging is what is required. Think about it from a business perspective: It costs money to add packaging materials (in weight and actual supplies). If a fulfillment center could, they would use less materials. DUH! And, they have to take worst case scenario into account -- have you seen what your packages goes through in any mail processing plant?! That it even makes it is incredible!

You're right though: Feedback is non-existent. Good luck finding the customer service number (when you do, it connects you to India).

You are also right: There is no way to get actual sight feedback.

I work at amazon so I have some insight on this. I don't even know who would take website comments -- and I have had the same issues as you

Ryan said...

Interesting, Christian, thanks.

Re the packaging, I wish I had taken pictures. I realize it's "better safe than sorry" on packaging but it's gone wayyyy too far, just comical in some cases. Boxes with padding inside boxes with padding with books inside of that. That sort of thing.

Anonymous said...

Its impossible to get any results from Amazon feedback, between the copy n paste replies, the fact that you are forced to explain your issue time and time again as they wont allow a single email contact (ie talk to the same person more than once).

Anonymous said...

i totally agree. Amazon selling sucks. There is no way...i repeat no way to hold a customer responsible for their behavior. Their sellers customer service directs you ti India (that gets you nowhere) and the customer can claim anything from missing item in package (which is the best excuse since they can steal the item from the package and say it was missing when they received it).
This is ridiculous. I think i will try to sell on and how that experience goes. Deleting my account from amazon. Amazon selling sucks