Thursday, December 04, 2008

Google Reader Redesign Misses Something

Google is asking for feedback on the redesign of its "Reader" RSS aggregator.

Here's some: It's still too hard to assign feeds to folders -- the names of the folders get truncated in the Feed Settings menu. See image at left.

The menu should expand to accommodate the names, with a much larger maximum width.

This is still my single biggest design issue with Reader.

I'm also curious to see if they fix the technical issues, like misreporting old feed items as new, and very slow updates for some feeds (i.e. Google's servers don't fetch the feed often enough).

UPDATE: Same thing with the folder list in the left sidebar, see below. And there's no way to make this wider:


Anonymous said...

There should be option to have folders inside of folders to make management of feeds more reasonable than what it is now. When having large amount of feeds navigation between them gets problematic since there is often not clear enough way to arrange them. At the moment I have 245 different RSS feeds in Google Reader and would really like improvements to that part of user interface.

Anyways, new version feels little bit faster than previous one.

Ryan said...

Good point autiomaa. I agree -- folders within folders would make this a non-issue, and would be the superior solution. But until then I'd settle for long folder names, an easier change for them to make.

At the moment I have 799 feeds subscribed. So yes this feature would help me too!

This version also is still bad at reprinting the same (old) item over and over for certain feeds. Whenever certain feeds updates, Google Reader thinks everything in it is new, for some reason.

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